• Muscle and joints injuries
    • Sprains
    • Muscular fiber tear
    • Arthritis and osteoarthritis
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Chronic back pain
    • Herniated disc
    • Scoliosis, especially in children
    • Condition of the sciatic nerve, especially for pregnant women due to the fact there are no side effects
    • Knee condition
    • Headaches and migraine due to muscle tightness
    • Lymphatic drainage

    • No itchiness, eruptions or swelling during or after application
    • Ultra light and comfortable feeling when using it. No irritation sensation
    • Top cotton quality. No fluff on the fabric
    • Water proof. Strong and stable adhesion
    • Excellent adhesion stability. Corners and edges will remain where and as placed during application
    • Original colours
    • Packaging with novel designs, carefully dealt with by professionals

    The strips contain no medication. It’s a physical reaction. However, there are different colors which behave as a mirror for the skin, some of them reflect heat and others reflect cold (chromo therapy).

    The aKTive tapes are elastic, different from ordinary dressings. When a muscle gets swollen or tight due to fatigue, the space between the skin and the muscle shrinks causing restriction of the blood flow and lymphatic circulation.

    This compression affects the nociceptors (pain receptors) which are under the skin and send signals to the brain that make people feel the pain.

    When applying it, the skin rises and this increases the interstitial space. The person will notice an immediate relief of the pain.

    With this treatment we help the lymphatic system remove wastes.

    The strips can remain on the skin from 3 to 4 days. Thus, during all this time a therapeutic effect takes place making the most of each movement, getting a-24 hour-treatment.

    Anyone can apply the aKTive tapes. However, a thorough reading about the correct application is recommended in order to obtain 100% benefit over the injury. There are several suitable colors for different options such as beige or black, which is produced for those places where it is not important whether they are seen.

    The tapes are as thick as the epidermis; they are 100% cotton, allowing comfort and free perspiration. The adhesive is very light, soft, hypoallergenic and latex free.

    People can have a shower and even practice water sports. It allows a free movement of the affected area.